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  • This subliminal contains positive affirmations and 963 Hz to get:
  • Fulfill your wishes easily and effortlessly
  • Instant wish fulfillment
  • Create anything you want
  • Stay alert to opportunities
  • Settle only for the best
  • Size is nothing to the universe; therefore dream big!
  • Send clear signals to the universe
  • Inherent in your wishes are the seeds and mechanics for its fulfillment
  • Always stay in receiving mode
  • Like attracts like, therefore think and feel your dream right now
  • You have the choice to re-create your reality
  • Be open to receive your desired objects
  • Only speak positive words
  • Release all limiting beliefs and doubts
  • Expect the best and get the best
  • Intentions automatically seek their fulfillment if left alone
  • Attract the right people and circumstances to fulfill your desire
  • Fulfilling your wishes easily and quickly is your natural state
  • Feel gratitude for receiving your desired objects
  • Everything you desire in life is within your reach
  • Universe always responds to your requests
  • Universe always gives you the best
  • Universe organizes itself around your intentions
  • Always have more than enough of everything you need
  • Attract like a powerful magnet and become what you think
  • Visualize your desired future everyday
  • The law of attraction always works for you
  • The law of attraction grants your every wish
  • The universe rearranges itself to manifest your most predominant thoughts
  • Align your thoughts and emotions to attract abundance effortlessly
  • Be open to the flow of great abundance in all areas of your life
  • Your mind has infinite organizing power to manifest your wishes


  • Benefits of 963 Hz Solfeggio:
  • The God Frequency
  • Manifest desires
  • Wish Fulfillment
  • Abundance
  • Ask the universe and receive
  • Connect with Divine Consciousness
  • Activate, balance and heal Crown Chakra
  • Reach higher states of consciousness

🎧 Works with or without headphones
Listen at a medium or lower (comfortable) volume
Do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery

Indian people can buy this Audio from Bandcamp

All My Wishes Come True (Affirmations + 963 Hz)

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