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This subliminal contains positive affirmations + 528 Hz:

  • Become the primal primitive alpha male
  • Testosterone boost
  • Workout motivation
  • Faster muscle growth
  • Become pure masculine, manly and strong
  • Have loads of mental strength to think under pressure
  • Alert and aware of what’s going on around
  • Approach goals with a reckless yet calculative mind
  • Dominant
  • Naturally attract women
  • Take the lead in any social situation
  • Totally secure in yourself
  • Relaxed and calm
  • Confident and assertive
  • Powerful and self-assured
  • Speak with authority
  • Authority voice
  • Inspire everyone around you
  • Think big
  • Always go looking for challenges
  • Extremely confident and optimistic
  • Brute strength
  • Wild nature
  • High survival instincts
  • Lead life to the fullest
  • Achieve all that you desire to achieve
  • Be always a leader
  • Have the will to win
  • Dreamer and full of ambitions
  • Extremely competitive
  • Extremely confident
  • Immense pleasure in winning over rivals
  • Win every battle of life
  • Charismatic

Benefits of 528 Hz Solfeggio:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Become calm and relaxed
  • Mental clarity and focus

🎧 Works with or without headphones
Listen at a medium or lower (comfortable) volume
Do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery


Indian people can buy this Audio from Bandcamp

Become a Primal Primitive Alpha Male (Affirmations + 528 HZ)

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