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This subliminal contains positive affirmations for improving your martial arts skills:

  • Become a confident martial artist
  • Become a strong fighter
  • Agile and quick
  • Enjoy martial arts training
  • Highly disciplined
  • Dedicated to your training
  • Perfectly focused during combat
  • Have a clear mind
  • Powerful and accurate punches
  • Stronger and faster kicks
  • Be a true martial artist
  • Be a world-class fighter
  • Anticipate your opponent's moves
  • Intuitively know how to defeat your opponents
  • Natural ability to fighting
  • See attacks before they happen
  • Dodge any attack
  • Make rapid improvements in your training
  • Be an incredibly smart fighter
  • Excellent understanding of body mechanics
  • Precognitive reflexes
  • Quick and perfect reflexes
  • Superfast reflexes
  • Healing and regenerative abilities
  • Become a highly confident fighter
  • Energy and motivation
  • Train regularly
  • Work hard to become a top martial artist
  • Learn martial arts easily and quickly
  • Become a master at hand-to-hand combat
  • Incredibly intelligent and calculated
  • Perfectly focused during combat
  • End fights swiftly and effectively
  • Become better in every way than your opponent
  • Easily Beat your opponents
  • Become a world-class martial artist
  • Win spars and fights
  • Perfect punching and kicking
  • Maintain a clear and focused mind
  • Repel any attack with confidence
  • Train with intensity and dedication
  • Impenetrable defense
  • Fitness and strength
  • Easily get in the zone during martial arts practice
  • Respect your opponent's skill
  • Keep your body fit and healthy
  • Improve martial arts skills every day
  • Easily achieve all my martial arts goals
  • Self-discipline
  • Intense motivation
  • Achieve martial arts mastery
  • People recognize you as a top martial artist
  • Your style is dominant

🎧 Works with or without headphones
Listen at a medium or lower (comfortable) volume
Do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery


Indian people can buy this Audio from Bandcamp

Improve Your Martial Arts Skills - Subliminal

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