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This subliminal contains positive affirmations for manifesting your SP (Specific person). This subliminal is unisex:

  • You are with your SP
  • You are worthy of love
  • Always feel loved and wanted
  • Deserve love and romance
  • Your SP is your soulmate
  • Everything is working out
  • You have found your specific person
  • Feel grateful to be in a relationship with your specific person
  • Feel happy with your specific person
  • You have manifested your SP
  • Your SP is perfect for you
  • Your SP loves you
  • Your desires have manifested with your sp
  • Your sp is exactly how you imagined
  • Feel good regardless of what’s happening in your 3D
  • Choose to think loving thoughts all day long
  • Your beliefs attract the best out of your SP
  • Your loving energy is fully reciprocated by your SP
  • Feel grateful for finding your SP
  • Surround yourself with loving thoughts
  • Send loving thoughts to your SP
  • Welcome loving thoughts from your SP
  • Your SP is responding to your new beliefs
  • Your SP is so amazing
  • Deeply appreciate your SP
  • Love your SP with all your heart
  • Focus on all the positive aspects of your SP
  • Enjoy thinking about your SP
  • Let go of the past and welcome the future
  • Everything works out in your and your SP’s favor
  • Be in a wonderful, healthy relationship
  • Your SP loves you unconditionally
  • Your SP is constantly texting and calling you
  • Your SP appreciates the fact that you adore them
  • Feel loved and desired
  • Your SP adores you and is always interested in you
  • Your SP cannot stop thinking about you
  • You are always on their mind
  • Your SP sees a bright future for both of you
  • You are your SP’s top priority
  • This relationship is blossoming beautifully
  • You have the ability to attract anyone you desire
  • Your SP wants to see you happy
  • You are deeply loved
  • You are empowered
  • You are a powerful creator
  • You are confident
  • You are magnetic to your SP
  • You are irresistible to your SP
  • You are charismatic
  • You are beautiful
  • You are amazing
  • You manifest desires instantly
  • Your SP accepts and loves you for who you are
  • You are completely fulfilled in your relationship with SP
  • Love yourself
  • Your SP is only interested in you
  • Your SP is crazy about you
  • Your SP loves you
  • Your SP treats you with respect
  • Your SP thinks about you all day long
  • Your SP thinks you are sexy
  • Your SP is committed, faithful, honest, and loyal only to you
  • You are loved, cherished, chosen, and accepted by your SP
  • Your SP wants you more than you want them
  • Your SP is madly in love with you
  • Your SP think about you morning, noon, and night
  • Their love, desire, and passion for you doubles and triples by the second
  • Your SP always showers you with love, attention, and affection
  • Your SP is in constant contact with you now
  • Your SP is only interested in you because you are everything to your SP

🎧 Works with or without headphones
Listen at a medium or lower (comfortable) volume
Do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery


Indian people can buy this Audio from Bandcamp

Manifest Your SP - Subliminal

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