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This subliminal contains positive affirmations for:

  • Attract endless opportunities
  • Attract success and happiness
  • Always choose to think positively
  • Be confident in your ability
  • Be always headed in the right direction
  • Be on the right path
  • Be happy, confident energetic, enthusiastic, and successful
  • Be positive, healthy and strong
  • Be good enough and smart enough
  • Be happy and content with your life
  • Be grateful for all that you have
  • Be patient, calm and in control of your feelings
  • Be filled with love, gratitude and kindness
  • Be in control of your life
  • Be focused on your goals
  • Be a strong and confident individual
  • Be at peace with who you are
  • Be kind and compassionate
  • Banish all self-doubt from your mind
  • Brilliant ideas
  • Create an amazing and successful life for yourself
  • Consciously accept all that is good
  • Control your thoughts
  • Discover new and interesting paths to pursue every day
  • Determine to be happy and content
  • Embrace hope, optimism and compassion
  • Embrace love and reject anger and hatred
  • Feel secure
  • Feel passionate about your life and your work
  • Give yourself space to grow and learn
  • Let go of all negative beliefs
  • Make the right decision
  • Make a difference in the world
  • Put your energy into things that matter to you
  • Pursue opportunities with purpose and vigor
  • Power and ability to create all the success and prosperity
  • Reject all negative feelings about yourself and your life
  • Replace all of your old, negative habits with new, more positive habits
  • Share happiness with everyone you meet
  • Your life is an adventure

🎧 Works with or without headphones
Listen at a medium or lower (comfortable) volume
Do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery


Indian people can buy this Audio from Bandcamp

mprove Your Mindset - Subliminal

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