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This subliminal contains positive affirmations for:

  • Be alert
  • Live in the present
  • Keep your thoughts in your head
  • Speak only when you want to
  • Observe your mind
  • Observe your thoughts and emotions
  • Be in control of your speech
  • Consciously monitor yourself
  • Keep conversations in your head
  • Listen to yourself when you are thinking
  • Easily slow down your thoughts if you need
  • Become free of talking to yourself
  • Calm and relaxed mind
  • Pay attention to what you do and say
  • Stop talking to yourself
  • Stop feeling insecure about your thoughts
  • Stop feeling the need to be heard
  • Stop automatically talking to yourself
  • Hold your thoughts in your head
  • Think internally
  • Get more control over your thoughts
  • Catch yourself when you are talking to yourself
  • Pay attention to what you say
  • Listen to what comes out of your mouth
  • Sharp personal awareness
  • Keep your thoughts contained
  • Be dominant over your thoughts
  • Naturally know whether or not to speak
  • Be capable of keeping things to yourself
  • Be aware of yourself and all that you do
  • Overcome your natural urge to talk to yourself
  • Be always well-focused
  • Naturally internalize your thoughts

🎧 Works with or without headphones
Listen at a medium or lower (comfortable) volume
Do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery


Indian people can buy this Audio from Bandcamp

Stop Talking To Yourself - Subliminal

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