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This subliminal contains positive affirmations to become a successful actor/actress:

  • Become an amazing actor
  • Realistic acting
  • Great roles
  • Every audition is an opportunity for success
  • Inspires your audience
  • Acting is your passion
  • Learn from your fellow actors
  • Act with empathy
  • Be attractive
  • Be gorgeous
  • Best acting
  • Become one with your role
  • Act with authenticity
  • Phenomenal acting
  • People are moved by your acting
  • Be known for your extraordinary acting skills
  • Amazing performer
  • Become world-famous
  • Become well-paid actor
  • Become a great Actor
  • Become a Perfect Actor
  • Become a superstar
  • Get easily immersed in the character
  • Become an award-winning actor
  • Improve your acting skills every second
  • Extremely good at memorizing your lines/script
  • Extremely good at improvising
  • Become a very versatile actress/actor
  • Able to play any character
  • Extremely talented
  • Easily change your voice
  • The role is within you
  • Become famous & rich
  • Be calm when I perform
  • Your acting skills are rewarded/celebrated
  • Impress people by your acting skills
  • Have legendary acting skills
  • Get immediately cast for every role you audition for
  • Be able to cry on cue
  • Have extremely realistic acting skills
  • Be capable of expressing any emotion perfectly
  • Easily understand your character’s point of view
  • Director wants to work with you
  • Take constructive criticism
  • Be immune to criticism
  • Easily get your desired role
  • Be Photogenic
  • Be Videogenic
  • Everyone loves your acting
  • Memorize any dialogue easily
  • Portray any emotion easily
  • Improve your acting skills every day
  • Have fans from all over the world
  • Appreciated actor
  • Amazing actor
  • Respected actor
  • Incredible actor
  • Expert at improvising
  • Expert at acting
  • Extremely successful actor
  • Extraordinary actor
  • Superb acting skills
  • Unique acting skills
  • Infinite capabilities as an actor
  • Always improving your acting career
  • Successful acting career
  • Acting Career filled with an abundance
  • Have passion
  • Infinite fame
  • Acting Makes you rich and successful
  • Makes millions of dollars
  • Become a leading actor
  • Always get leading roles
  • Play/become any role, character, personality
  • Deliver an Oscar performance in all movies
  • World-famous producers want you in their films
  • World-famous directors want you in their films

🎧 Works with or without headphones
Listen at a medium or lower (comfortable) volume
Do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery 


Indian people can buy this Audio from Bandcamp

Successful Acting Career - Subliminal

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